Wij hebben het niet gehaald, maar hier een reportage van Mr. Mark Meisner Motografie, over het custom evenement van onze zuiderburen! Topfoto’s!

Fly Low II

Saturday, the weather was crap. Monday, the weather was just as shitty. But for some reason, the weather on Sunday was just perfect! Sun, more sun, just a little more sun on top off that and once in a while a cool breeze and some small clouds.

Combine this with old friends, new friends and a shitload of stunning bikes (and women) and you got just a couple of pictures and a burned face and neck, auch!!

Anyhow, Fly Low II was held this Sunday in the beautiful town Bruges, Belgium and it was the first time in my photo-career to be asked to present my pictures in an exposition! And it was a success, I got loads of positive responses so I’m glad I’m pleasing the viewers with my images :) Thanks to all of you!!!!!

Here are a couple of photo’s from the event, not the best but it’s something. I didn’t knew so many people recognized me and wanted to talk, so there was not much time to photograph.

Bron: Fly Low II « Mark Meisner Motografie

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